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Individualized approach based on comfort and technical improvement


I discovered freediving in 2014 during a stay in Thailand, where love at first sight for this new world was immediate!

A few months later, I put my consultant life aside to spend 4 months in Dahab, diving daily and passing my SSI levels until becoming an instructor.

Three years later, in 2017, I decided to definitely launch my career as an instructor, returned to Dahab, and started teaching AIDA courses at "Dahab Freedivers", one of the main freediving centers in Dahab.

In 2019, having discovered a real passion for teaching, and in order to have a more personalized approach with my students, I started my own activity and published my Ebook "No, you don't have equalization issues" which describes my approach quite well: technique and repetition create an increase in comfort and confidence conducive to a healthy and sustainable progression.

You will find on this website resources that will help you to see freediving in general and equalization on a more specific level through a new light.

Gaspard Garry-Gendre


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