Freediving in Dubaï

Freediving in Dubaï

The UAE has a long history with freediving that started in 19th century with pearl diving. In fact, perl diving is at the very origin of the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi where fishermens moved their families. Nowadays perl diving is more a traditional activity practiced by locals. During summer 2021, Deep Dive Dubaï opens to the world and with an oyster shape it pays tribute to UAE perl diving heritage.

Freediving at Deep Dive Dubaï

Water Temperature:  30° of fresh and non-chlorined water. 2,5mm wetsuit are provided for an optimal comfort. zero current, zero thermocline and a bottom at 60m

Visibility: clear and transparent water allowing up to 40m+ visibility : the only reason we don’t see the bottom is because 

Freediving experiences

For a one time experience there is two options :

1. You are completly new to freediving, you can book a discover freediving experience : you will learn the basic skills freedivers use to extend their time underwater safely and dive on one breath to 5 meters !

2. You are aleardy a certified freediver : in that case, a “guided freediving experience” is for you ! Car, motorbikes, pool table, bathtub, sofa, chess board, a tree… You will start with a bit of line training to get confortable with this new environment and your instructor will show you the secrets of the pool.

Freediving education and training :
Courses : AIDA, Molchanov, SSI and PADI freediving courses of all levels are available on demand.
Training : If you are looking for regular training to practice your skills, packages of 5 sessions are available.
Train with me at Deep Dive Dubai :
Training :
If you want to sharpen your skills and discover how easy and enjoyable freediving can feel you have the possibility to request a specific instructor with your booking : just drop me a PM on instagram so i can check if i’m available that day !
AIDA Courses :
Freediving course from level 1 to 4 of the oldest freediving agency are possible : just drop me a PM if you want to do your course with me !


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