Gaspard Freediving

Freediving in Dahab

The Mecca of freediving, seen by Gaspard

Dahab has built over the years the reputation of being the “Mecca of freediving” and this reputation is not usurped, let’s see…

The conditions

Water Temperature: between 21° in winter and 29° in summer, with a 3mm bottom and 2 tops of 3mm / 5mm you will be warm all year long

Visibility: clear and transparent water allowing up to 30m+ visibility

Accessibility of freediving sites: very easy, no need for a boat, just swim a few minutes from the shore with your buoy

Freediving sites

Lighthouse in the heart of Dahab you will have access from 30m to 50m deep (depending on the weather) or Blue Hole and its 90m deep sheltered from the waves and currents. In Dahab, apart from very rare exceptions, it is possible to dive in optimal conditions 365 days a year.

TOP 3 underwater sites to explore in Dahab

As far as underwater exploration is concerned, you will not be left out: Dahab is full of sites to visit. Here are my top 3:

  1. Eel Garden – a white sandy beach 10m deep: when you get close to the eels that are planted vertically, they return to hide. Be careful, this is a site that can be dangerous when it is windy, make sure to go there in calm weather!
  2. Lighthouse Bay: In the middle of the bay, at 20m depth, sits a well-known elephant sculpture! But this is not the only animal statue to be seen, a little less famous is a donkey and various statues in addition to the many corals.
  3. The Canyon – for experienced freedivers only. At a depth of 25m, a crack in the ground opens up for you. It is possible to go through it for about 10 meters before finding an exit and going back to the surface.
Bonus: In bulk, the names of some sites are also worth a visit. Ras Abu Galum, Islands, Three pools, Caves, Napoleon reef.

The freediving community

These outstanding training conditions associated with a low cost of living have not gone unnoticed and make Dahab a must-see destination for freediving. Freedivers from all over the world come here to train for weeks, months, or even years. It is very easy to make new friends and expand your horizons. If you plan to stay for several months, make sure you are added to the “Lazy Tunas” Messenger group: reselling equipment, finding buddies, sharing cab fares for the blue hole or a “Visa” escapade in Sharm El Sheikh, this is where freedivers linked to Dahab exchange! Beware, the group is often full, when you leave Dahab, remember to withdraw from the group so that others can enjoy it.

The cost of living

With a particularly low cost of living, Dahab is a destination accessible to all pockets: you will easily find cheap accommodation for a short term or less than 350€/month if you wish to stay longer and rent an apartment.

As for restaurants, you will rarely pay more than 15€ per person in the most popular ones and there are many simple, good, and “safe” places where you can eat for 5/6€.

The general atmosphere

The local life is also very pleasant, Dahab is a city focused on sports, water activities, and wellness. Climbing in the desert, windsurfing, kite surfing, yoga, scuba diving… Apart from snorkeling, there are many other activities available! The general atmosphere is very relaxed: it is a city where you quickly feel good and where meeting people is easy and warm.

Finally, you will quickly notice that the Egyptians and Bedouins (the historical inhabitants of Dahab) are particularly welcoming and will be the first to make your stay pleasant!


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